Reading Glasses – Read a Book, Get the Look

Specs appeal means that reading glasses are in huge demand, and not just from people with their head in a book.

There’s a huge market for reading glasses in the UK, it’s estimated that around 18 million of us will need reading glasses as we age and become long-sighted. That’s around one in four of us who will be reaching for our reading glasses after the age of 45, with a third investing in reading glasses over the age of 55, and half of us over 60 needing specs. But reading glasses aren’t just popular with those of us that need to take the strain from our eyes – there’s a whole trend for reading glasses in the world of fashion.

Specs Appeal and Reading Glasses

Reading glasses with a slight magnifying effect, or even frames with clear lenses, are being snapped up by followers of fashion. Why? There’s a whole range of looks that reading glasses helps to create. The school-teacher look can help you appear smart and sexy at the same time – it’s amazing what a pair of reading glasses can achieve. Or how about the geek-chic look? Reading glasses are the perfect way to top off geek-chic style, a look that’s been established by the likes of Seth Cohen in The O.C. And for the women, there’s the Ugly Betty look, a show that sparked a massive craze for statement specs – whether it be day-wear or reading glasses. Reading glasses worn by twenty or thirty-somethings can suggest a sassy attitude.

Take a Page out of the Trend-Setters Book

Peering over your reading glasses can be incredibly sexy. Time and again, surveys show that glasses of any kind are perceived as smart and sophisticated. Reading glasses are associated with professionals such as teachers, artists, lawyers and scientists. And of course there’s secretaries and librarians, who are stereotypically seen as sexy clichés waiting to take off their reading glasses and let down their hair!

And there are countless film and music stars who have adopted glasses as part of their look – even if they didn’t need them. Ronan Keating once admitted he found glasses sexy, and that he used to wear glasses with clear lenses, “…because I like that kind of big, thick-rimmed glasses look. I think it looks cool, and it was just a fashion thing, you know?”

Reading glasses or regular glasses of course are crucial to aid the sight of millions of people, but it doesn’t hurt that they can be sexy too! There’s a huge array of celebrities with ‘specs appeal’ including Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who convey looks and intelligence when they don a pair of specs.

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