Reading Glasses – Celebrity Style

You simply have to look at the hoards of celebrities in spectacles to see that reading glasses are cool, so see things clearly and look great

In the past some people have been led to believe that reading glasses are not cool. Taunts like four eyes have been aimed at bespectacled folk in years gone by, but this must have been jealousy because specs are undoubtedly cool. You simply have to look at the great number of top celebrities who choose to wear reading glasses to realise that. And these stars and starlets do not wear glasses because they have to – contact lenses are an obvious option for anyone wanting to avoid wearing spectacles – stylish people are choosing stylish reading glasses because they look great.

Celebs and Reading Glasses – Who are the Bespectacled Stars?

  • Johnny Depp – he is the king of cool so anything he wears gets the seal of fashion approval. Johnny Depp is a famous wearer of reading glasses and they don’t seem to have done his credibility any harm.
  • Scarlet Johansson – this is another top Hollywood star who nobody would accuse of looking daft in a pair of specs, and she has been seen wearing stylish reading glasses numerous times.
  • Jonah Hill – most famous for playing Seth in Superbad and Aaron Green in Get Him to the Greek, Jonah Hill is another star who’s rocking the bespectacled look.
  • Kirsten Dunst – Spiderman’s damsel in distress is another actor who shows that reading glasses can be, and are cool.
  • Justin Timberlake – the pop star turned actor in Facebook inspired The Social Network wears reading glasses most of the time now and retains his famous sharp look.
  • Jeremy Irons – there are few more impressive old school English actors than Jeremy Irons, and he demonstrates the classic cool that can be achieved with a carefully chosen pair of reading glasses.

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