Prescription Glasses and Body Language

Some people hide behind their specs and some people turn their prescription glasses into a key fashion accessory - however you like to wear yours, consider the signals that you are sending out.

The way we communicate is so much more than the words that come from the vibration of the larynx. Non verbal communication is often the result of the subconscious, but it’s also considered as a key skill in business and general everyday life – and believe it or not, your prescription glasses and the way you wear them can say a lot about you. So what messages are you sending out to your peers, clients and work colleagues?

The unspoken language contributes to business, dating and your daily encounters. You can speak volume just from your gestures, Haptic communication (touch), your posture, the way you walk, your eye contact with other and facial expressions. But it doesn’t stop there. What about the way you dress? From the high heeled shoes you choose to put on for work, to the prescription glasses for your next business meeting, you are making a first impression and sending out signals based on the way you decide to adorn yourself.

Nonverbal Language is All Around Us

Even when we are speaking, what we say has an underlying nonverbal element called ‘paralanguage’. This encompasses everything from the quality of our voices, the emotion in our voices, and style in which we speak in, and other things such as rhythm, intonation and stress. This can all be detected as soon as we open our mouths, so that’s why we should work on our entire image as a whole. Prescription glasses can certainly make someone stand out or blend into a crowd. This depends on the image you want to portray.

For some, prescription glasses are prefect for hiding behind, much like a mask. For others, it can be a statement. For celebrities like Gok Wan, Nicky Hambleton-Jones (both television fashion gurus), Hilary Duff, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp and many others, specs play a stylish part in their ensemble.

Face, Body and Prescription Glasses

From head to toe, you are a loquacious message board just waiting to project. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, something close to 80% of your communication doesn’t come from that trusty voice box. There are various ways that can give away your inner thoughts and feelings and when it comes to the eyes, it’s much more than just the colour of your prescription glasses. For instance, slow blinking indicates a loss of interest, excessive blinking could signal that you are lying or under stress, and avoiding eye contact can you make you look guilty or nervous.

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