An update from the Bookwish Foundation

An update from the Bookwish Foundation - one of the charities that Sight Station supports

Hello Tom,

It’s a great pleasure to send you this wonderful news: Your reading glasses have reached (finally!) Darfur refugees in Chad! Here’s the link to incredible, heartwarming photos and the harrowing story of the very long, dangerous journey the reading glasses took. You may even spot your readers in these photos! or in other photos in the gallery on our website.

I hope to send you more photos as the distribution process unfolds. Distributing 1,750 pairs of reading glasses in three Darfur refugee camps and local Chadian villages is going to take some time. There are several reasons, but a major one is the start of the rainy season, end of June through September.

I hope Sight Station takes every opportunity to spread the word about your company’s generous donation for the Darfuris, perhaps on your website, a newsletter, or annual report. Should you need better resolution of any of the photos or other assistance, please let me know. And, please do share any references to your donation with us! The smiling faces of Darfuri elders who for the very first time are being introduced to the concept of glasses and better eyesight send a powerful message of hope and empowerment.

FYI: Book Wish Foundation was honored to be included in a special issue of The Costco Connection on “Changing the World.” It just went online yesterday. The print version, mailed to 8 million, will become available in a few days. Book Wish is one of the featured stories, on pg. 2.

Who would have dreamed it would take so long for the reading glasses to reach the Darfuris? Still, we’re immensely excited about the impact they will have on our mission — reading relief — to improve education, mental health, and job opportunities. Thank you again for your support of this very important mission.

Best regards

Lorraine Kleinwaks

Book Wish Foundation

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