Monthly Archives: April 2010

Reading Glasses – Stigma? What Stigma?

There used to be a real social stigma attached to anyone wearing glasses, but nowadays thanks to celebrities, fashion reading glasses are as much an accessory as a necessity. Continue reading

A Japanese Invention Prescription Glasses for Dry Eyes

We’ve all heard of prescription glasses fogging up, but it seems that Japanese inventors have taken this concept a little too far with glasses that fog up in order to make you blink. Continue reading

Prescription Glasses – The Right Fit

It’s important that your prescription glasses are comfortable to wear. Continue reading

Prescription Glasses on a Budget

Need prescription glasses but can’t afford designer frames? Get stylish, affordable glasses that look fantastic. Continue reading

Prescription Glasses for Men

Men care just as much as women about the style of their prescription glasses. Continue reading

Dressing for Your Prescription Glasses

That’s right – it’s no longer about accessorising with your prescription glasses, because today, it’s all about accessorising for your prescription glasses! Continue reading