Monthly Archives: September 2009

Reading Glasses – Better to be Safe than Sorry

It’s always worth paying a visit to the optician if you think you need reading glasses. Continue reading

Reading Glasses for Existing Sight Problems

If you already wear glasses or contact lenses, you don’t necessarily avoid the need for reading glasses. Continue reading

Reading Glasses – Why You Need a Spare Pair

It’s always wise to have a spare pair of reading glasses to hand. Continue reading

Reading Glasses – What is Presbyopia?

Most people haven’t heard of Presbyopia until they need reading glasses. Continue reading

Why Does it Always Rain on Me? – Daily Contact Lenses Set you Free

The advantages of wearing daily contact lenses instead of spectacles, especially for sports and work. Continue reading

Tips on How to Put In Daily Contact Lenses

Many people are put off swapping their glasses for contact lenses purely because they imagine that the process of putting them in, and taking them out is harder than it really is. Continue reading

Watch Out for Unofficial Suppliers of Contact Lenses Online

A new fad in copying the look of cartoon characters is causing a worryingly trend for some teens today that is in danger of affecting the health of their eyes. Continue reading

Train to Become a Specialist in Contact Lenses

Why not study optometry and qualify as an optician. Continue reading

Get your Child’s Eyes Tested – Children’s Eye Sight Campaign

Recent research has discovered that many parents don’t take their children to have their eyes tested at a young enough age. Continue reading

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear a Contact Lens

There are many people who think that wearing contact lenses can be painful and are difficult to put in. This isn’t true if you have proper training from your optician. Continue reading