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Selecting The Right Frames For Your Face

These three key factors are the most important when selecting your frames.

  • The frame shape should contrast with your face shape.
  • The frame size should be in scale with your face size.
  • Eyewear should reflect your best feature (e.g blue eyes are enhanced by blue frames)

Long Faces

Picture of a long face

Long faces are rectangular in shape with a strong chin and defined cheekbones.

  • Try: Large wide frames that extend beyond the temple with sides positioned in the middle of the frame, help add width and shorten the face.
  • Avoid: Small square styles that make your face appear longer.

Round Faces

Picture of a round face

Round faces generally have soft features and a rounded jaw line.

  • Try: Angular frames such as elongated ovals or rectangles, will lengthen your face, add definition and draw attention to your cheekbones.
  • Avoid: Small round glasses or very large shapes that echo the shape of your face.

Oval Faces

Picture of a oval face

Oval or heart shaped faces can be soft or angular, but are generally balanced in proportion.

  • Try: Oval, rounded and square styles all suit this shape face. Slightly angular frames with a middle side position will add dynamic structure to your face.
  • Avoid: Heart shaped styles that echo the shape of the jaw.

Square Faces

Picture of a square face

Square shaped faces have distinctive jawbones, full cheeks and an even jaw and chin line.

  • Try: Finer shallow frames such as ovals and soft rectangular shapes will help soften your features. Choose a frame with a high side position to add length to your face.
  • Avoid: Square styles and those that are wider than your face.

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