Trendy men’s glasses

Men’s glasses have arguably become increasingly popular over the years, with the development of many high street stores stocking clear lens glasses at very inexpensive prices. However, for men who require corrective eyewear either for reading or constant use, finding the right pair which not only suits your facial shape but also looks trendy and fashionable can seem like a huge challenge.

As a result of how men’s glasses have recently flourished in popularity, there are now so many different types of trendy men’s glasses frames to choose from that you will feel spoilt for choice. Hence, whether you seek a formal or more informal look, there will always be the perfect pair of glasses available for you.

Still, there remain a few points which you must consider before purchasing a new pair of trendy men’s glasses. These factors include the differences between men’s and women’s glasses frames; the different styles, shapes and varieties available for men; the colours which would suit not only your skin tone but also your eye colour; and some of the materials from which glasses frames can be constructed.

The differences and similarities between men’s and women’s trendy glasses frames

You must first consider the differences between men’s and women’s glasses frames in order to understand why they are categorised into two different groups, as well as why some types of glasses frames are considered unisex.

When you look at men’s, women’s and unisex glasses frames, you might sometimes feel like there are no noticeable differences between their construction at all. For this reason, you might want to question whether there are there actually any real differences between men’s and women’s glasses frames.

Although you could struggle to discern many differences at all between the two categories of men’s and women’s glasses, there are indeed some differences between them – including differences in style, construction and shape.

Aesthetic differences between men’s and women’s glasses frames

Firstly, men’s and women’s glasses differ in an aesthetic way that you could eventually come to see as obvious. For example, it can be argued that women’s glasses are typically available in a wider variety of colours and patterns than men’s glasses. Nonetheless, there remains a wide variety of colours and patterns in which men’s glasses are available as well.

The visual differences between men’s and women’s trendy glasses frames extend to style differences. Some styles, such as pilot shape frames or “cat eye” shape frames, are typically categorised as strictly for either men or women as a result of their more obviously “feminine” or “masculine” look.

Construction differences between women’s and men’s trendy glasses frames

Although the aesthetic differences between these two types of frames can be quite obvious, there are differences in the construction of the glasses frames, too. This is a result of the differences not only in the facial structures of men and women but also in their bone structure.

Men typically have wider frontal lobes than women, which means that their eyes often sit further apart than women’s eyes. As a result, men’s glasses have to be constructed with this in mind, so the glasses frames have to be made slightly further apart than the frames of women’s glasses.

This also applies to the bridges of the glasses frames. These bridges have to be constructed slightly wider than women’s in order to ensure that the frames flatter and sit correctly on men’s faces.

Shape differences between women’s and men’s glasses frames

As detailed above, there is a difference between the facial structures of men and women. Therefore, the shape and size of the glasses frames must be slightly different, too, in order to suit either gender’s facial structures.

Women’s eyewear, so an argument could go, is typically constructed with less sharp angles and softer shapes such as round or oval shapes, as women have smaller temporal lobes. Women’s frames are also generally made smaller in size so that they sit correctly on women’s faces as well as suit their facial structures more.

In contrast, men’s trendy glasses frames are often shaped with sharper angles. You should consider the examples of square-shaped glasses frames or rectangular-shaped glasses frames, which emphasise the more “masculine” parts of men’s facial features.

Which shapes of glasses frame suit which male facial shapes?

Much like women’s glasses frames, certain men’s glasses frames suit certain types of facial shapes. Specifically designed to suit a vast variety of men’s faces, the glasses frames listed below are only a few of the many different kinds, of which at least a couple will definitely suit your individual facial shape.

  • Classical square and/or rectangle trendy men’s glasses frames

These glasses frames are a classical style which, it has been argued, have been popular for quite a few decades now and have had a recent resurgence in popularity. The popularity of these square or rectangle-shaped glasses frames has resulted from the wide variety of colours and patterns in which they are readily available.

The colours and patterns which they can come in range from the commonly-known black and deep brown as well as grey, to a bolder red, blue or even pink, as well as many other types, too. These frames are also available in a range of patterns including animal print and tortoiseshell.

It has been considered that the reason why these square and rectangular-shaped glasses frames are popular and remain a very popular shape of men’s glasses frames is due to how they frame the face in a minimalist way as a result of their clean design.

This design is, therefore, suitable for a vast variety of occasions and purposes – from the formal business meeting to a more informal party or meeting with friends. These glasses frames are also incredibly versatile and suit a significant variety of male facial shapes.

Square or rectangular glasses frames suit mostly round or oval-shaped faces, as they extenuate the wideness of the face. However, they do not often suit inverted triangle faces, as the wideness of square and rectangular glasses frames exaggerates the wide foreheads of men with these faces.

These frames are one of the most essential pieces of eyewear for men to have as either a corrective eyewear piece or simply a fashion accessory in their wardrobe.

  • Round or “keyhole”-shaped trendy men’s glasses frames

These types of trendy glasses frames have a very iconic and bold look. Much like the square or rectangular-shaped glasses frames detailed above, they are available in colours and patterns so various that they range from bold reds and blues to subtler blacks and browns.

You have probably most often seen these frames in a tortoiseshell pattern which is often associated with academia and a “nerdier” fashion aesthetic.

These types of trendy glasses frames specifically suit men with rounded or rectangle-shaped faces, as well as inverted triangle and even rhombus face shapes. This aesthetic versatility can be largely attributed to the balanced shape of round glasses frames which do not emphasise or exaggerate the wideness of certain parts of the face or bring attention to a lack of proportion in the face.

However, you must consider rounded glasses frames carefully before purchasing them, as they can be quite bold in look depending on which colour, pattern or combination of the two you choose.

  • Pilot style trendy men’s glasses frames

These types of glasses frames present a very common style amongst sunglasses, and they usually come with a reflective coating that makes them look shiny and mirror-like. Glasses frames of this style are available in prescription lenses as well as clear lenses.

Much like the round or “keyhole”-style glasses frames, the pilot style glasses frames have, it could be argued, grown in popularity, as they have a relatively “retro” look which is quite trendy right now.

There is a bold fashion statement to the iconic look of these glasses frames, the core design of which originated in the 1930s and was later made famous by stars including Paul McCartney. This look of pilot-style glasses frames that he helped to make iconic was popular in the 1970s and remains so to this day.

The types of men’s face which pilot glasses suit are mostly inverted triangle, rhombus and heart-shaped faces, as these glasses have a bold, attention-grabbing look. Balancing out these types of men’s faces, pilot glasses frames are available in two different styles – which one you should choose is largely a matter of preference. Pilot glasses are typically available in a teardrop style with a bridging over the nose or with no bridging at all.

  • Thick-rimmed men’s trendy glasses frames

These are the boldest glasses frames that we have discussed so far. Although they are often associated with a “nerdier” look akin to that linked with the round or “keyhole” style glasses frames detailed earlier in this article, thick-rimmed frames are also a bold and attention-grabbing statement piece for your face.

Thick-rimmed glasses frames have become increasingly popular recently, as they have a relatively bold and vibrant look, depending on the colours or patterns which you would like to see in your glasses frames.

Glass frames of this design can be bought in various colours and patterns, much like the other types of men’s glasses frames we have listed – with bolder styles such as red, blues, turquoise or even animal prints widely available and more conservative colours like the classical blacks and browns also options.

They can even be purchased in a clear, transparent, colourless version which can certainly bring attention to your eyes and the best features of your face.

  • Vintage half-frame men’s trendy glasses frames

Like we have discussed above in relation to the round or “keyhole” style glasses frames as well as the pilot style glasses frames, it could be posited that that half-frame glasses have risen in popularity due to the resurgence of the “retro” or “vintage” look.

They are very sophisticated in their look, which suits a wide variety of men’s facial structures. As a result of their smaller, more delicate look, half-frame glasses can accentuate your features rather than cloud them like square or rectangular glasses have a tenancy to do.

These glasses draw the eye towards the wearer’s brow region, creating the illusion of a strong brow associated with handsome features in men’s faces. This works to create a wonderfully masculine silhouette. These frames are visually apt for many different male face shapes – including rounded rectangle and rectangle shapes as well as square, triangle and oval shapes.

So, which materials are the best to make men’s trendy glasses frames from?

There is quite a variety of materials which men’s trendy glasses frames can be constructed from; however, only certain materials can be used to create certain styles of glasses frames. Below is a list of some of the materials from which glasses frames can be made:

  • Plastics such as cellulose acetate and zylonite as well as cellulose propionate and nylon;
  • Metals such as monel, titanium, beryllium, stainless-steel, flexon and aluminium;
  • Some more unique materials like wood, bone, buffalo horn and gold and sterling silver.

Depending on whether you require a brightly-coloured pair of men’s glasses frames or a subtler and more conservative pair, the correct material must be chosen if you want to get the most from your new glasses. For example, as stainless steel is harder to colour than other materials, it is better suited to the production of relatively conservative and simple colour palettes.

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