Sun, Sea and Sexy Reading Glasses

Bikini? Check. Sandals and beach bag? Check. A selection of books? Check. Stylish and chic reading glasses? Check!

Whether your dream holiday is sunbathing on the beach in St Tropez, adventurous safari trips in Kenya, fifty laps in the pool followed by organic dining at a spa resort or backpacking in New Delhi, you will need at least one compelling, just-can’t-put-it-down page turner.

An ever growing trend of fashionable reading glasses has blossomed into the perfect marriage with the nation’s mission of finding that gripping holiday pleaser.

If you love to bare all on the beach, but hate to bear your specs then substitute embarrassing eyewear for raunchy reading glasses. Join the fashion trend of the season and be seen in cool and funky reading glasses this summer!

Reading Glasses for Fashion and Fiction

Reading has never really been labelled as “glamorous” or “sexy”. But things are changing. With so many fashionable and seemingly “un-bookish” celebrity icons such as Victoria Beckham, Katie Price and Britney Spears hitting the book charts with ground-breaking best sellers, reading has become more accessible and more fashionable.

Celebrities have always led the way in the most iconic fashion statements and this is applicable across the globe. The Paparazzi have snapped celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Cheryl Cole, Chloe Sevigny, Hilary Duff and Paula Abdul all sporting fashionable reading glasses.

But this ‘Geek Chic’ look isn’t just for girls. The likes of Johnny Depp, Kanye West, Elton John, Gary Barlow and Gok Wan have helped to inspire a new trend in men’s fashion everywhere.

Reading Glasses Complete with Protection

Holiday reading can sometimes mean squinting in a struggle with the much-loved rays of the sun. So do you sacrifice clear vision for a pair of shades? Or vice versa?

The solution to this holiday dilemma exists in the form of the ‘Sun Reader’. Fashionable book worms need not scratch their heads as reading sunglasses can provide readers with improved vision and UV sun protection all in one go. Problem solved – in impeccable style and glamour too!

Sexy Styles at Sight Station…

Sight Station offer a wide range of ‘ready to wear’ reading sunglasses that come complete with UV protection for all your holiday reads. We stock a wide selection of gorgeous designs for men and women at attractive prices to suit your budget.

Get eye-catching reading glasses at eye-catching prices at Sight Station. Call us on 01782 813000 or shop online now.

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