Summer Reading Accessories to Make Your Holiday a Breeze

Looking forward to a sunny beach holiday this summer? There’s nothing like relaxing in the sun with your favourite book, escaping to another world while you top up your tan. Whether you’re an e-reader convert or prefer a classic paperback, a holiday just isn’t the same without a good book. In order to enjoy your holiday as much as possible, check out these ingenious reading accessories and make sure that absolutely nothing gets in the way of your reading experience.

Sun Readers

There’s nothing worse than unpacking your suitcase and realising that you’ve forgotten your reading glasses, or misplacing them during your holiday. To avoid having to buy an expensive pair while you’re abroad, make sure you have a backup pair of sun readers with you. This will come in handy if you happen to leave one pair behind after a day of relaxing on the beach. Sun readers come in a wide range of colours and designs, so you’re certain to find a pair to go with your favourite beach outfit.

Page Clips

We all know that feeling when you’re reading outside, maybe on the beach or by the pool, and the wind keeps blowing the pages over. It’s incredibly frustrating and can cause you to give up on reading outdoors. Luckily there’s now a clever accessory to stop this from happening, and it’s small enough to fit in your pocket! Page clips are small, flexible and subtle, so they won’t get in the way of the text you’re reading and they’re perfect for taking on holiday. They even come in a range of bright colours to get you in the holiday mood.

Magnetic Markers

If you’re always losing your bookmark, or finding that it falls out in your bag when you’re travelling, try getting some magnetic page markers instead. These clever little clips will make sure you never lose your page, and they even come in packs, allowing you to mark multiple pages at once. They come in a wide range of cute and colourful designs, allowing you to add a personalised touch to your reading experience and ensuring that you never lose your place again!

Book Journals

You know that feeling when you’ve just finished a book, and you’re so excited to talk about it? With a book journal you can record all of your thoughts and feelings about your holiday reads, giving you the opportunity to revisit them at a later date and remember every little detail. Book journals make great gifts for book lovers, and they’re also the perfect item to take on a solo trip. It’s a great way to record your holiday experiences alongside the details of your favourite books!

Reading Lights

Reading in the evening is the perfect holiday activity, but it’s difficult if you don’t have sufficient light to read by. To avoid straining your eyes or distracting others with big, bright lights, try a small travel light, which will clip onto your book and give you the perfect reading environment. These little lights have become very popular in recent years, as they’re ideal for reading on public transport at night, as well as in bed without disturbing anyone.


The most useful of reading accessories is still the most simple; reading chains prevent you from losing your glasses by making sure they’re attached to you at all times! These simple clip-on chains can be worn almost constantly throughout your holiday, and come in a variety of different styles designed to blend in with your look. Smart, stylish and effortless, this is the perfect way to optimise your holiday reading experience.

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