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cool glasses 19/03/2019

Cool glasses for women

What are cool glasses for women? Discover which trends and designs to look out for when choosing cool new glasses and how to pick the right frames that suit your face shape. Eyewear has boomed in popularity in recent years – and for good reason, too. Glasses have overcome their former reputation for being “nerdy” and “unfashionable” and transformed into the must-have fashion accessory for many women around the globe. A pair of glasses can switch up any look and has quickly become the go-to accessory for making a fashion... Read More

Trendy men’s glasses

Men’s glasses have arguably become increasingly popular over the years, with the development of many high street stores stocking clear lens glasses at very inexpensive prices. However, for men who require corrective eyewear either for reading or constant use, finding the right pair which not only suits your facial shape but also looks trendy and fashionable can seem like a huge challenge. As a result of how men’s glasses have recently flourished in popularity, there are now so many different types of trendy men’s glasses frames to choose from that... Read More

How the red glasses available at Sight Station could transform your eyewear look

Purchasing a new pair of glasses doesn’t have to be the stressful decision that it’s often made out to be. It’s understandable if you’ve gotten used to your current glasses and are hesitant to jump onto a newer, less familiar pair. Sight Station stock a wonderful collection of red glasses and reading glasses as well as an array of frames to suit all sorts of facial shapes and bone structures. You can guarantee that, when purchasing new glasses, Sight Station will make your experience easy and hassle-free, providing you with... Read More

Choosing the right reading glasses

Are you unable to focus on the words in your favourite book? Can you focus perfectly clearly on your favourite film on the television? Are you having difficulty reading the train schedule from the platform edge? Sound familiar? Then you may be having some eyesight issues which require corrective eyewear. Trendy reading glasses If you are having trouble focusing on images or text either long-distance or close up, you may need glasses in order to correct your vision. This type of eye trouble can occur at any time during your... Read More


Top Christmas Books for 2017

Now that December is upon us, the frantic buying of Christmas presents has begun and many of us will be looking for the perfect gift for the book lover in our lives. Rather than risking buying a book they already have or, even worse, one they won’t enjoy, why not really get into the festive spirit and buy them a book about Christmas? Ideal to open on Christmas Eve, these Christmas books range from crime to humour to history, offering something for everyone when it comes to a Christmas holiday... Read More


Halloween Reads that Will Leave You Spooked

Halloween just isn’t the same without a spooky story or two, read in front of a fire on a dark night, or told aloud to petrified family members. Whether you’re a long-time horror fan or are new to reading scary stories, we’ve got a selection of the most terrifying reads to really get you in the mood for Halloween. All you need is your reading glasses, a comfy chair and maybe a cushion to hide behind! These scary stories can provide the perfect inspiration for a Halloween costume, as well... Read More


Ever Considered a Reading Holiday?

Most of us bring a book or two when we go away on holiday. Some of us even savour the moments when we’re in a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand, flicking through our latest holiday read. There are few things as relaxing as reading a good book in the sun, so we thought we’d write a brief guide to organising a reading holiday to help our customers have the best, most relaxing holiday they can! Here are our top tips for how to dedicate a holiday to the... Read More


5 Eyewear Tips for Office Workers

Working in an office can be difficult at times for those of us who wear glasses, especially when computers are involved. Between swapping from distance to reading glasses, staring at screens all day and trying to find frames that suit our work and home wardrobes, there’s a lot to get stressed out about. But don’t worry if you’re finding office life tough on your eyes, simply follow the tips below and find out how to make wearing glasses work for you. Give Reading Glasses a Try If you wear glasses... Read More


Summer Reading Accessories to Make Your Holiday a Breeze

Looking forward to a sunny beach holiday this summer? There’s nothing like relaxing in the sun with your favourite book, escaping to another world while you top up your tan. Whether you’re an e-reader convert or prefer a classic paperback, a holiday just isn’t the same without a good book. In order to enjoy your holiday as much as possible, check out these ingenious reading accessories and make sure that absolutely nothing gets in the way of your reading experience. Sun Readers There’s nothing worse than unpacking your suitcase and... Read More

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Vision Care Jargon Buster

Have you ever had the experience of going to see your optician and not understanding what they’re talking about in the slightest? Well, you’re not alone. Many of us have had the confusing, and sometimes frightening, experience of being told what’s wrong with our eyes in very scientific terms that we don’t understand. This can lead to a lack of understanding about our own health and, consequently, a lack of knowledge about how to take care of our eyes. As we know how important it is to understand exactly how... Read More