Reading Glasses – What Suits You?

Reading glasses, just like sunglasses or distance spectacles come in all shapes and sizes and this can make a huge difference on your overall look and appearance.

A general rule for looking cool and chic in reading glasses is that the frame should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows. The lower edge of your reading glasses should not sit on your cheeks and the frames should be no wider than your face at the temples.

To find your perfect pair of specs or reading glasses, you firstly need to determine your face shape and skin tone, and you may even want to take your hairstyle into consideration.

Reading Glasses For Your Face Shape

  • Square face – Oval framed reading glasses will soften the jaw line. Avoid thin, angular shapes.
  • Round face – Angular or geometric style reading glasses are best for drawing attention to the top half of your face. Avoid round styles which can add unwanted roundness to your face shape.
  • Oval face – If you have an oval face shape, most styles of reading glasses will make you look great! Be adventurous and mix modern shapes with bold colours.
  • Heart-shaped face – Most reading glasses will suit your face shape, but avoid styles that are wider at the top. Choose slender frames with intricate detailing and colours.
  • Long face – Go for wide frames with a strong top line. Avoid reading glasses that are small and square.
  • Triangular face – If you have a triangular face, it is best to avoid small and narrow framed reading glasses. You can add balance to your face with strong and bold shapes. Go wild and experiment with super-modern styles!
  • Frame Your Face with Fashionable Reading Glasses

    • Long nose – Choose reading glasses with a low set bridge as it can give the illusion of shortening the nose.
    • Short nose – Lengthen the nose with a high set bridge and you’ll look fab in your reading glasses.
    • Close set eyes – Choose reading glasses with a thin or clear bridge as this can widen your eyes.
    • Wide set eyes – A coloured bridge will made wide set eyes appear closer together, and they are extremely fashionable too!

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