Perfect Gifts for People Who Wear Reading Glasses

Shopping for some people is difficult enough. We all have ‘one of those friends’ who just seems to already own everything, or that family member who has no interest whatsoever in modern arts and culture. We all have that awkward great aunt that isolates herself from the rest of the family so nobody actually knows anything about her, and let’s not forget the unappreciative other half who just doesn’t show enthusiasm for anything you buy. If you know someone with reading glasses, then this little guide could help you get the perfect present.

For Christmas, for birthdays or for anniversaries, it’s important to get meaningful gifts that don’t just get chucked aside, eaten, drank, or forgotten about. For someone who wears reading glasses, there are so many great gift ideas that could get you in their good books.

Buying Reading Glasses for Someone You Love

Glasses have become a huge fashion statement in the UK, with celebrities such as Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and many others leading the way in the fashion stakes. Because reading glasses have blossomed into such a key fashion must-have over the years, they now make a wonderful gift. All you need to know is your friend, family member, or partner’s prescription details. Here are the things you need to keep in mind when shopping for the perfect frames for a loved one:

  • Their face shape – typically, round faces suit angular frames, and square faces suit rounded frames. The best way is to ask around, conduct research on the internet or to look at your friend’s existing reading glasses.
  • Their hair colour, style – these all play a big part in what you should buy. There are so many books, magazine and internet articles that can help you choose accordingly.
  • Their personal style – are they hip? Rock and roll? A rebellious punk? A smart workaholic? A trend setter? Always try to consider the person’s fashion sense before you buy.

Buying Accessories as a Gift

If your recipient already has a pair of reading glasses for every day of the week, there are other practical and exciting presents you can find. Here are a few ideas:

  • His/her favourite book (perfect for getting the specs out!)
  • A digital reader for e-books.
  • A luxury glasses case – make it extra special by getting it personalised.
  • A reading glasses cleaning set
  • A chain or loop – these come in many different styles.

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