How the red glasses available at Sight Station could transform your eyewear look

Purchasing a new pair of glasses doesn’t have to be the stressful decision that it’s often made out to be. It’s understandable if you’ve gotten used to your current glasses and are hesitant to jump onto a newer, less familiar pair. Sight Station stock a wonderful collection of red glasses and reading glasses as well as an array of frames to suit all sorts of facial shapes and bone structures.

You can guarantee that, when purchasing new glasses, Sight Station will make your experience easy and hassle-free, providing you with quality eyewear design at a fair and affordable price. Take a look through our collection of men’s and women’s glasses today.

Who are Sight Station?

Sight Station are a leading eyewear provider based in Smithfield, Rhode Island with over 350 employees at their head office and across the globe. Their offices span a number of different territories, ranging from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK to China, Mexico, Canada and New York City.

Specialising in bringing quality eyewear to the market, Sight Station stock a number of high-quality and respected brands within the industry. Sight Station’s clientele and brand stocklist include household names covering the likes of Foster Grant, Magnivision, Angels, Gargoyles, Anarchy, Corinne McCormack, SolarShield and Polar Eyes.

The above collaborations show the quality behind the products that have allowed Sight Station to grow and attract new demographics. Sight Station were recently taken over by FGX International, a leading provider of prescription reading glasses for both men and women.

Sight Station pride themselves on delivering quality eyewear at an affordable price. They stand by their mantra that you don’t need to purchase designer eyewear to look and feel good while getting the most from your glasses.

The products that Sight Station offer provide a fashionable fix for your eyewear game, allowing you to change your eyewear to match your wardrobe whenever possible, as well as allowing you to switch and swap – and purchase those red glasses of which you’ve always dreamed.

What’s the attraction with red glasses?

Red glasses have long been a symbol of sophistication and personality in the eyewear industry. For many, wearing reading glasses or standard lenses and frames can bring around feelings of embarrassment or shyness. Red glasses symbolise a bravado and confidence in your eyewear that shows a little bit of who you are as a person.

They compliment all sorts of wardrobes, from standard and toned-down office wear to more contemporary outfits better suited to social occasions and nights on the town. Whatever the style of red glasses you choose from at Sight Station, whether they’re fitted with oval frames, reading glasses or a more traditional style, you’re sure to look good in the products of Sight Station.

Red glasses add a sense of personality to your wardrobe that can’t really be found with other accessories. Both men and women will use red glasses in differing ways, but there’s nothing better than a tinge of red to light up your face.

Whether you go for a bright or more tonal red palette, there are many possible outcomes of your red eyewear decisions; however, we’re sure that they are all positive ones. In reading more of this article, you can learn more about some of the quality eyewear available at Sight Station.

Types of glasses available at Sight Station

There are a few different types of available red glasses suitable for a whole range of styles, aesthetics and looks. Whether you’re considering some standard red glasses frames to complement your prescription, or you want to go a bit unorthodox with some sultry oval glasses, there are many frames available for both men and women at Sight Station.

There are also red reading glasses on offer that feature prescription magnification lenses to help with the likes of eye strain and presbyopia, and also help you to see more clearly while reading. Take a read below to find out a bit more about glasses styles and some of the models available.

  • Red glasses frames

Red glasses frames are perfect for adding that little bit of style into your life and showing you mean business when it comes to your eyewear game. Sight Station stock a collection of red glasses frames in many different styles – and here’s just one of the great options form our women’s collection…

The Keelin Red fashion reader offers multi-purpose use for all your eyewear requirements, doubling up as a popular reading option as well as providing those luscious red frames of which many women are very fond. The arms of these glasses are beautifully emblazoned with a red pattern alluding to their contemporary fashion styles.

Available in various magnified dioptres, these glasses aren’t suitable for distance or wearers under the age of 16 but do provide a perfect fashionable option when it comes to reading glasses.

  • Red oval glasses

If any piece of eyewear symbolises the sophisticated chic of both contemporary and traditional fashion, it’s the oval framed glasses. Although we stock a multitude of frame shapes, our oval frames are an extremely popular style among our female customers.

The Amelia Fuchsia frames from Sight Station ooze class, providing a nostalgic look back at the 1950s while also remaining highly fashionable in the here and now. The Amelias are another solid reading option – and perfect for wearers who suffer from eye strain or endure symptoms of long-sightedness.

They feature a delightful floral design, making them understated enough for corporate use but also giving them a glamorous appeal making them suitable for all occasions, both night and day.

  • Red readers glasses

Throughout this article, we’ve mentioned some of the amazing readers glasses available at Sight Station. Reading glasses don’t need to be the ugly and the prescribed lenses or frames that you might have initially assumed them to be. Why not peruse the essential collection of men’s and women’s red reading glasses across Sight Station and see some of the visual cheer for yourself?

Sight Station are renowned globally for stocking a multitude of global eyewear brands and providing men and women with beautiful and purpose-manufactured reading glasses and contemporary, fashion-based eyewear in a range of beautiful colours.

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