Hot Eyewear Trends for Summer 2017

With the worst of the winter over, it’s hard to ignore the fact that warmer days are just around the corner. Summer 2017 style is all about clean lines and light shades, and don’t worry, geometric shapes are still in! Those looking for the season’s most stylish frames need look no further than our collection of affordable, fashionable styles, which include all of 2017’s most popular designs. Whether you’re looking for a classic everyday frame or something that really stands out, summer 2017’s collection of trends has something for you.

Clear Frames

One of the year’s most distinctive and chic styles, clear frames are a sure fire way to turn heads wherever you go. Sleek, smooth and versatile, these stunning styles are suitable for both work and play, and have the extra advantage of matching any colour palette. Clear frame glasses are designed to give subtle structure to the face without masking or obstructing too much. They are ideal if you have a smaller face, or if you like to get creative with your makeup.


Wireframe glasses are a choice trend for 2017, due to their association with elegance and sophistication. When you wear a wire frame, especially a gold one, you are making a strong style statement, which will no doubt get you noticed whether you’re in the office or enjoying a special evening out. These frames add a touch of glamour to any outfit and are suitable for both men and women. Classic, simple and effortlessly chic, these glasses are set to be a hit this year.

Red & Pink Frames

If you like to make a bold, colourful statement, red frames are definitely the right choice for you. Chic and sophisticated, they manage to combine both classic and contemporary influences to provide a truly timeless and entirely on trend effect. Frames can range to brick red to pale pink and even deep purple, offering something for every skin tone and colour preference. This trend can be adapted to suit any purpose, with different shapes and designs making them perfect for work and play.

Horn Rimmed Frames

The classic horn rimmed style, also known as tortoiseshell, is an absolute classic that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Lighter designs are the style of choice for 2017, providing a distinctive contrast while also giving a sophisticated, professional touch. The horn rimmed effect is most often used for cateye and square frames, which can carry the intricate pattern while also maintaining they own distinctive shape.

Round Frames

One of the most popular eyewear trends in recent years has undoubtedly been round frames, and we are happy to report that they are back for 2017! Round frames are distinctive and contemporary, adding a touch of chic, individual style to any look. Choose black for a versatile, everyday look, or opt for a bright colour palette that will really turn heads. Round frames are best suited to square faces, as they soften sharper edges and suit a more structured appearance.

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