Ever Considered a Reading Holiday?

Most of us bring a book or two when we go away on holiday. Some of us even savour the moments when we’re in a sun lounger with a cocktail in hand, flicking through our latest holiday read. There are few things as relaxing as reading a good book in the sun, so we thought we’d write a brief guide to organising a reading holiday to help our customers have the best, most relaxing holiday they can! Here are our top tips for how to dedicate a holiday to the blissful art of reading.

Look for a Resort with an Adult Pool

For many, a big part of going on holiday is splashing about in the pool. Pools are also perfect for cooling down every now and then. When choosing your resort, look for one with two or more pools – one for families and one just for adults. The adult pool will be quieter and more relaxed (the perfect environment for reading) and you can always pop over to the main pool if you want to have a bit more fun! Sometimes adult pools are called something else, such as the “peaceful pool” or “tranquil pool”, so keep an eye out for any indication that there is a separate pool area for people who want a little more peace and quiet.

If you’re going to spend several hours a day reading on a sun lounger, it’s very important that you protect your eyes and your skin from the sun. Wear high-SPF sunblock to protect your skin and remember to roll over or change where you’re sitting every now and then to make sure the same part of your body isn’t exposed to the sun for too long. Be mindful of your skin; if it feels a little tingly or the temperature rises too much, it’s probably a good idea to get into the shade.

It’s actually the invisible UV rays from the sun that do the damage, so it’s important to wear reading glasses or sunglasses with full UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun. Sun readers are particularly good because they protect your eyes from UV light and the bright visible light that might make reading uncomfortable, and they can be bought in your preferred magnification, to match your prescription.

Avoid Wi-Fi

The whole point of going away on holiday is to escape your day-to-day responsibilities. And as most of these responsibilities can get hold of you by email, it’s a good idea to keep your phone in flight mode and to never connect it to the hotel’s Wi-Fi!

Social media is another trap for anyone hoping to unwind on a reading holiday, as we can spend too long glued to our phones instead of being glued to a book. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are perfect for making all your friends at home jealous by posting lovely photos from your trip, but it’s best to wait until you’re home before you upload your pics… And with all that time you’re not spending on social media, you’ll be able to get even more reading done!

Consider an E-Reader Instead of Paper Books

Even if you prefer reading from a real-life paper book, there’s a very good case for packing an e-reader instead. One reason is that many e-readers have specialist glare-reducing screens that make reading in the sunlight much nicer and easier than with a paper book (with the sun blasting off its bright white pages).

Another advantage e-readers bring to anyone on a reading holiday is space – well, saved space, to be exact. E-readers can hold thousands of books in their memories and most e-readers are lighter and thinner than the smallest paperback books. This means that you only have to pack your e-reader and you’ll have more room for clothes and other essentials. This tip is especially relevant to anyone who reads very fast and is likely to get through several books during their holiday. It’s much better to pack one thin e-reader than three chunky paperbacks!

That’s all the advice we have for you in this reading-holiday guide. We hope it’s been useful and inspired you to organise your own reading holiday!

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