Easy Ways to Refresh Your Style in 2018

New Year is a time for rethinking things and trying to refresh our outlook on life. Whether it be a change in lifestyle, a change of location or a change of style, all of us are looking to make 2018 a little bit different. When it comes to freshening up your look, it’s easy to get drawn into the January sales and feel as though you need a completely new wardrobe. This isn’t necessary though, as there are plenty of small changes you can make to alter your style that are simple, effective and stress free.

Mix Up Your Palette

When it comes to style, many of us tend to go for the same colours over and over again. If you take a look in your wardrobe and notice that the clothes you wear most of the time are all of a similar colour, try making a conscious effort to mix it up. This most often happens when people wear black or grey most of the time, as they think it’s easier to not worry about which colours go together. This can really create a style rut though, where you feel as though you’re wearing almost the same thing every day. To refresh your colour palette, pick out some items from your wardrobe that are a very different colour to the ones you usually wear, and make a decision to wear them more. This will make you feel as though you’ve got a whole new style without having to buy any new clothes!

Embrace Accessories

Possibly the easiest way to refresh your look is to get a few new accessories and use them as a focal point for your new style. A well-chosen bag, necklace or scarf can completely change your look and make you feel like you’re wearing something completely different. This also applies to reading glasses, which can become less of a fashion item and more of an after thought if you don’t style them with your wardrobe. Having a few different pairs of glasses that you can match to your outfit will make you feel like you’ve completely transformed your look. This will be even more effective if you usually wear contact lenses, given that glasses are a big style statement for 2018. Find the perfect pair of frames to suit your face shape and you’ll be almost unrecognisable.

Make It Up

One simple style fix that is guaranteed to make an impression is changing your make up routine. Some of us stick with the same make up for years, and it becomes something we don’t even think about when we put it on. While you might be comfortable with the make up routine you currently have, changing up your look so that you don’t look the same every day is a surprisingly simple way to feel and look a little different. Now that there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you with a new eyeliner technique or a different eyeshadow colour combination, there’s no reason why you can’t learn a few new tricks and transform how you use your make up on a daily basis. Whether you change your eyeshadow colour or go for a whole new contouring technique, these small changes can have surprisingly significant results.

Get Inspired

If you want to change your style for the new year but aren’t sure how to do it, try to find inspiration in unexpected places. Instead of looking through fashion magazines or in shop windows, take a look at some different Instagram accounts than you would usually follow and see if inspiration strikes. It could be that your usual style is preppy and smart, but you actually like the idea of a military or urban look. Another great place to look for inspiration is out on the street, especially if you live in a busy city. Engross yourself in some people watching and your bound to see a few outfits that give you an idea for changing up your own look.

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