Cool glasses for women

What are cool glasses for women? Discover which trends and designs to look out for when choosing cool new glasses and how to pick the right frames that suit your face shape.

Eyewear has boomed in popularity in recent years – and for good reason, too. Glasses have overcome their former reputation for being “nerdy” and “unfashionable” and transformed into the must-have fashion accessory for many women around the globe.

A pair of glasses can switch up any look and has quickly become the go-to accessory for making a fashion statement. For people who need corrective eyewear, glasses serve multiple purposes, as they are practical as well as stylish.

It’s not just people needing help with their vision who sport glasses, either. The rise of the clear lens has seen many people who don’t need corrective eyewear accessorising their outfits with cool glasses frames.

Over the past few years, glasses have made their way into mainstream fashion, worn by celebrities to complement their red carpet looks and appearing on designer runways all over the world. They have become a functional fashion item with which you can quickly update your style.

Whether you wear prescription or clear lenses, glasses are becoming a common way to make a fashion statement. The new year bring lots of new styles and eyewear trends to look out for and is a great time to start trying out new looks.

Eyewear in 2019 is set to be influenced by bold styles and colours, but don’t worry if colour isn’t your thing – there are plenty of other trends to watch out for, too!

How to wear cool glasses

Cool glasses for women are sharply becoming the staple pieces in many wardrobes. Just like jewellery, glasses can add the finishing touch to any outfit and make it easy for you to experiment with your look.

Accentuate your personal style with cool glasses that grab attention and show off your fashion style to the world. No matter what look you want to go for, there’s a pair of glasses out there that can help you to achieve it.

Ultimately, wearing cool glasses all comes down to how the frames make you feel. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in the glasses you choose. All the same, there are useful tips you can use to help narrow down your search for the glasses that suit you the most.

How do I choose a frame that suits me?

Picking out new glasses frames should be fun, not feared. How can you determine what style of glasses frame would best suit you? Consider three different factors: your style, your personality and your face shape.

  • Style it out

Before settling on a new pair of glasses, your decision will ultimately come down to how well your glasses fit in with your style. You will want your glasses to tie in with your fashion and to be able to pair them with any outfit you put together.

Therefore, it’s important to look for styles that represent your own image and personality. Animal print has been huge this winter – and, if you love all things wild, animal print frames would work well with your style. Choose from tortoiseshell frames with yellow and browns that give off the leopard print look or opt for black-and-white, zebra-inspired frames.

On the other hand, if you tend to stick to a classic, minimalist style, throwing in colours and prints can be too bold and not blend well with your style. Make sure you complement your own style; if you’re looking to switch up your look, search for frames that would work well with your wardrobe.

For example, if you wear a lot of neutrals, a light pink frame could add a bold update to your look. For a subtler look, try a muted colour such as a dark green that doesn’t overpower neutral colours.

  • Personality

Similar to incorporating your own style, incorporating your personality in your glasses can create a cool vibe. Your glasses send a message to other people, so why not let them know who you are with frames that express your personality?

Colour can often communicate fun, but if you have a bubbly personality, why not go one step further with a funky patterned frame? Are you business-minded? Look for chic, sleek frames that tell the world that you’re seriously smart, and impress onlookers with your sophisticated look. You really can let your personality shine through your glasses.

Your glasses can enhance your personality and style, which is why they are important factors when you want to pick new frames. Other people will notice your glasses, so you want to show those people who you really are through frames that show off your individuality.

  • Face shape

Pay attention to your face shape when looking for glasses frames, as some styles can suit some face shapes more than others. The different face shapes include, but are not limited to: oval, round, heart, oblong and square.

How do I find out the shape of my face?

To discover your face shape, take a look at the characteristics of your face. If you have a long face with a rectangular jawline and forehead, you fall into the oblong face shape category. Is your face shorter while well-proportioned with fuller cheeks? In that case, your face shape is round.

Shorter faces with an angular jawline and forehead, on the other hand, have square-shaped faces. Heart face shapes can be characterised by broad foreheads that narrow down towards the jawline. Oval face shapes have softly rounded jawlines and foreheads with a slightly narrow face.

If you are still struggling to find the shape of your face, take a photo and make a template. This way, you can draw around your face and identify which shape it is most like.

What are the eyewear trends for women in 2019?

Eyewear trends to look out for this year favour bold statement looks. With glasses becoming such a popular fashion accessory, it’s no wonder that bolder looks are set to be a trend, with more people looking to stand out.

Many eyewear trends for women in 2019 stem from vintage and retro styles. These styles take influence from mod and hippie fashion, with frame styles coming in all sorts of funky shapes and colour palettes that make for a bold look.

  • Round frames

Square-faced girls, you’re in luck. The round frame shape is back, and the perfect shape to complement square faces, as it minimises the face’s sharp angles and adds a soft contrast.

Round frames are here to rival the classic square frame style that has been popular throughout the decades. Though rounded frames can sometimes be viewed as more masculine, they make really flattering, cool glasses for women wanting an edgier or preppy look.

Avoid round glasses frames if you have an oblong face as they can sometimes get lost within your angular features. Instead, go for oversized frames that can shorten the face and make the appearance of a wider face.

Make your look even more unique with oval-shaped frames. These frames make cool glasses for women who love ’90s style and athleisure wear and are great for creating an old-school vibe.

  • Clear frame glasses

For the urban, trendy women among us, clear frame glasses provide the right look. Though subtle, the clear frame can have just as much impact as vibrant colours. The transparency of the frames shows the world that you’re fashion-forward and have a modern mind.

To keep the focus on your glasses, pair with lighter outfits so that they don’t overpower the transparent frames. Oversized frames help to emphasise the look and make sure your fashion statement is seen by everyone.

Even better, oversized frames work well with plentiful different face shapes; therefore, this cool style can be enjoyed by many.

The millennial vibe from clear frame glasses can add a modern and young vibe to your look. Create a unique look with clear frames but coloured handles on the frames; black, for example, could add sophistication.

As retro styles begin to come back into fashion, the clear frame has benefitted and regained popularity. Though retro in style, the clear frame also holds a contemporary characteristic and can take any outfit to the next level.

  • Vintage nudes

Vintage fashion has remained a popular trend – and, when it comes to eyewear, there is no exception. Oversized frames and a muted colour scheme make the perfect combination for sending a subtle fashion statement.

Anyone with a square face shape looking to try out vintage styles should ideally opt for oval frames to soften their facial features. This silhouette will complement your strong jawline by adding more curves to your face.

Heart-shaped and oval-shaped faces benefit more from a vintage cat eye frame. The cat eye point balances well with the wider forehead of heart-shaped faces and boosts the natural shape of your face. The wider frame can also add width to an oval face, offsetting any narrow lines.

Take that ultra-classy vintage look one step further with natural, neutral-toned frames. These enable you to create a stand-out sophisticated look while scarcely trying. With natural, neutral tones, a variety of nude shades are available, so you can opt for a hue that matches well with your skin tone.

  • Red glasses

Red glasses are set to become a strong trend for women this year, making for a bold fashion statement. This trend can be softened with its variations of pink or purple glasses for women who prefer a subtler style.

To take the red glasses trend further, go for a fully dramatic look with classic square frames. This look oozes confidence and provides cool glasses for women who mean business. Add a flirty flair to your frames by opting for a cat eye style. The best thing is that, with a red cat eye frame, such as Sight Station Amelia, you’re nailing two trends in one!

Where can I find cool glasses frames?

Now that you know the eyewear trends for women this year, we hope that you feel inspired by this guide to finding your next pair of cool glasses. Now you can begin to explore the different styles and trends mentioned, as well as use our tips to discover the most suitable pair of glasses for you.

Head to the Sight Station website to find out more about the cool glasses available for women on our site today. The many different styles, frames and colours available for these glasses let you pick eyewear that makes you both look and feel amazing.

The products available on our website are suitable for anyone who needs prescription strength glasses to assist with their vision. Discover more information about prescription glasses by visiting our website to help yourself make the right choice of glasses for your vision needs.

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