Choosing the right reading glasses

Are you unable to focus on the words in your favourite book? Can you focus perfectly clearly on your favourite film on the television? Are you having difficulty reading the train schedule from the platform edge? Sound familiar? Then you may be having some eyesight issues which require corrective eyewear.

Trendy reading glasses

If you are having trouble focusing on images or text either long-distance or close up, you may need glasses in order to correct your vision. This type of eye trouble can occur at any time during your life – although eye problems usually occur more frequently as you age, especially for close-up work.

It is very important for you to make sure that you consult a professional if you start to think that you have any sort of eye problems developing.

If it turns out that you do need corrective eyewear, it is important that you find the perfect combination of style, size, colour and pattern which suits you – even if you only need glasses for reading and therefore won’t need to wear them constantly.

There is a wide variety of different trendy glasses from which you can choose. However, although it can be fun to peruse the various options, it could be quite difficult for you to settle on the right pair.

Trendy glasses frames

In order to find a stylish pair of glasses frames which will suit you, you must first understand what shape your face is so that you can tailor your glasses to accentuate your best features and not your worst ones.

Below is a short list of 4 different types of facial shape, along with descriptive information about which trendy glasses frames will suit which face shape most strongly…

  • Oblong face shapes

The oblong face shape is one which has many wonderful attributes, including a long and straight cheek line. This type of face shape is usually longer than it is wide and, therefore, will suit a glasses frame which is capable of elongating the width of the face.

The types of frames which will do this for people with oblong face shapes are square-shaped frames as well as pilot style glasses frames. This is because they are generally larger and longer styles of glasses frame which will make your face appear shorter and wider – and this is ideal for the longer oblong face shapes.

  • Heart face shapes

A heart-shaped face can arguably be one of the most versatile facial shapes and, therefore, will suit many different trendy glasses frames. This is because heart-shaped faces usually have broader foreheads which taper down to a smaller chin.

Even rimless face shapes will be good for these types of glasses frames, as they will allow the beautiful curvature of your natural face to be emphasised. However, wearing brow-line glasses frames could also be a great way of emphasising the natural tapering-down of heart-shaped faces.

Some frames to consider avoiding are pilot style frames as – similarly to when worn on oblong face shapes – they can work to emphasise the wider part of the forehead in heart-shaped face individuals.

  • Triangle face shapes

Triangle face shapes could be described as simply more exaggerated versions of heart-shaped faces. Indeed, people with triangle face shapes are typically known for having broader foreheads with wide cheekbones and narrower, and therefore more delicate, chins than many other people.

Wearing glasses frames which are wider at the bottom and smaller at the top would, however, help to balance out the structure of triangular face shapes.

Colours can also alter the emphasis on certain features for different face shapes. For example, using lighter and subtler colours can bring attention to the wonderful high cheekbones of triangular face shapes. Hence, rimless glasses frames can be a great type of frame for triangular-shaped faces.

  • Square face shapes

It can be argued that square face shapes are typically considered a more masculine type of facial shape; however, it can also make an aesthetically pleasing facial shape on women. With a broad forehead, wide jaw and square chin, the square-shaped face is a very balanced type of facial shape.

Types of glasses frames appropriate for square-shaped faces include round and keyhole glasses frames. This can be explained by how the balanced nature of these frames works to soften the jawline of square-shaped faces and also lengthen the nose.

However, thinner and more angular shaped glasses frames, such as rectangle and square glasses frames, can draw attention to the larger chin on square-shaped faces. For this reason, it would be highly advisable for you to avoid these particular styles.

Trendy men’s glasses

Finding the correct pair of trendy men’s glasses can present quite a challenge for many different men. Given the significant variety of frame shapes, styles, colour and patterns listed above, you could run into difficulty as you attempt to choose the right pair of glasses for you.

All of this leaves us with the question of whether there are any differences between men and women’s glasses frames? Well, there are often very subtle and small differences between men and women’s glasses; however, they are hardly noticeable when the frames are placed side by side.

All the same, there are some notable differences between the constructions of men’s and women’s glasses frames. As men often have larger temporal lobes, their eyes often sit further apart than women’s eyes; therefore, men’s glasses frames are commonly wider than women’s glasses frames.

There may also be some differences in the colours and patterns available between men’s and women’s glasses frames. For example, women’s glasses frames are generally available in a wider variety of colours and patterns compared to men’s glasses frames.

Women’s glasses frames tend to lean more towards floral patterns and other similar styles; however, men’s glasses usually feature a sleeker and less bold shade. However, this situation can differ dramatically, with men’s glasses frames available in more trendy and funky versions, too.

As there is such a wide variety of glasses frames to choose from, it is very important that you understand not only what you require from your glasses, whether they are reading, bifocal or another kind of glasses, but also what style, colour, shape, size and pattern will suit you best.

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