The Difference Between Distance and Reading Glasses

RNIB reports that a shocking number of people in the UK have never had an eye exam in their lives so it's no surprise that most people don't even know the difference between distance and reading glasses.

There are too many people in the UK who are unaware that they need distance or reading glasses, simply because they have never been tested. Most people don’t realise just how important regular eye examinations are and some people can go without reading glasses or distance glasses, without even noticing problems in their eye sight.

But reading glasses and distance glasses can make a big difference in our lives and are important for the things we do on a daily basis such as reading, writing, typing, driving, browsing the internet or just seeing clearly. Clear vision is something that distance and reading glasses can provide for us, but there is a low awareness of this in the UK.

Reading glasses and distance glasses both serve completely different purposes and it is important for better awareness in the UK.

Reading Glasses For Long Sightedness

Long sightedness is known medically as Hyperopia or Hypermetropia. But these names aren’t hugely important as opticians will use the term “long sighted” or “far sighted”. This means that your eyes can’t focus on close objects and anything close up will look blurry. Reading glasses have convex lenses which can help your retina focus.

Although, people can require reading glasses at any age, this problem is very common in old age.

Distance Glasses for Short Sightedness

Lenses in the distance glasses are the exact opposite of those found in reading glasses. Unlike reading glasses, the lenses in distance glasses are concave and help the eyes to focus on things that are further away.

The technical term for short sightedness is Myopia, but it is often referred to as “near sightedness”. Instead of reading glasses, distance glasses are required to help you see things that are in the distance so this is crucial for obeying the law when driving.

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