Reading Glasses – Stigma? What Stigma?

There used to be a real social stigma attached to anyone wearing glasses, but nowadays thanks to celebrities, fashion reading glasses are as much an accessory as a necessity.

Back in the days when glasses only came in very limited styles and shapes, they improved your vision but ruined your image. Wearing reading glasses, or any glasses at all carried a social stigma, which often put people off getting their eyes tested at all. How times have changed. Today’s reading glasses come in all shapes and sizes, with bright colours, funky frames and great accessories, as well as more traditional styles for those that prefer them. In short, there shouldn’t be any stigma attached to wearing reading glasses.

Flaunt your Reading Glasses

If your reading vision is failing, you really need to get some reading glasses. Putting off a visit to the opticians isn’t going to make your vision better – in fact, it could make it worse. The number of people wearing glasses, including occasional reading glasses, is increasing, from young children upwards, and because glasses now come in so many styles and designs, there’s much less to worry about. If you care about how you look with your glasses on, just take the time to search through the hundreds of frames available – you’re bound to find something that appeals to you:

  • Colour – if you love bold colours, then you’ll certainly find reading glasses that work for you. Today’s glasses come in such a variety of colours and patterns that you may even find it difficult to choose your favourite. If that’s the case, simply choose more than one pair – reading glasses are affordable, so it’s a great option!
  • Style – from traditional half-spectacles to 1950s-inspired frames, there’s a wide range of styles available on the market today. Whatever your face shape and whatever your likes and dislikes as far as frame shape is concerned, there will still be plenty of reading glasses for you to choose from.
  • Detail – fashion reading glasses are extremely popular and that’s usually because of the added details. Whether it’s the contrast between the colour on the frame and the colour on the arms, a few diamante sparkles or just a flick at the edge of the frame itself, lots of reading glasses have great design details that help them to stand out from the crowd.

Stylish Reading Glasses from Sight Station

Forget the supposed stigma of wearing reading glasses and become a trend setter instead. Once you’ve got a prescription, simply come to Sight Station for a fabulous range of glasses, all available to buy online and all at really affordable prices. We can help you to choose the right frames for you and deliver your new glasses to the door. Check out our collections and buy through our online shop today or call us on 01322 318511.

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