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If you think you need reading glasses, you can do a simple test to see what lens strength you need.

The College of Optometrists advises that we should all have regular eyes tests. Whether you’ve never needed glasses before, or you are currently wearing distance / reading glasses, eye tests can help to look after your eye health. If you are long-sighted, you will require reading glasses for various close-up activities – such as reading, writing, typing, painting and crafting. If you feel that you are having to squint, or you’re generally experiencing poor vision, you may want to use a long-sighted eye chart as a quick diagnosis.

Do You Need Reading Glasses? Get an Eye Test

Everyone should get an eye test. Not only can long sightedness and short sightedness be correctly diagnosed, but regular tests can help to identify any possible eye diseases early on. For anyone who wants to assess their vision before their next eye test is due, or for someone who wants to check before they book an appointment, eye charts can be purchased or downloaded from the internet. There are many resource websites that offer a free eye test print out so you can assess whether you could require reading glasses. These charts will usually come with very clear instructions so you can get the most accurate results.

What Type of People Usually Require Reading Glasses?

Long-sightedness can start at an early age, but it is also something that can come with age. Between the ages of 45 and 65, presbyopia (age related long sightedness) can develop, and both men and women will require reading glasses at this age. People are also more likely to need spectacles if there is a history of this in their family, and it can happen at any age. Far-sightedness is also known as ‘hyperopia’ or ‘hypermetropia’ in the medical world, and today there are other alternatives to reading glasses. You can seek laser eye surgery or you can choose to wear contact lenses instead of sporting a pair of frames, but today’s fashion world has created an exciting buzz around spectacles being fashionable, making the reading glasses market a very lucrative one. Choices in style, colour and shape are vast, and getting hold of a pair of fashionable reading glasses has never been easier now that the number of internet retailers has grown.

If you are not sure whether you need glasses, get a quick eye test from the internet and make sure you book yourself in for an appointment at your local opticians.

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